Electric plasma jet engines







Unlike our competitors, we do not attempt to electrify aircraft propulsion by replacing jet engines with electromagnetic motors that rotate a propeller. Instead, we electrify the jet engines themselves..

  • Our design is groundbreaking. Rather than burning fuel to heat the air within the jet engines, we utilize electricity to heat the air to temperatures exceeding 20,000°C, effectively converting it into plasma without emitting CO2.
  • This innovative electrothermal engine enables electric aircraft to reach unprecedented speeds including supersonic and hypersonic capabilities.


Civilian aircraft

Civilian aircraft

Military vehicles and drones

Military vehicles and drones

Hypersonic propulsion

Hypersonic propulsion

Key features

No CO2 emissions

Our engines solely heat the air without any combustion of fuel.

Retrofitting existing aircraft

Our jet engines can be used to retrofit existing fleets.

High speed

From 0 km/h to speeds beyond 10 000 km/h.

High specific power

More than 10 kW/kg.

Reduced operating costs

About 65%.

Improved reliability

Combining the best of both worlds, electric engines and thermal engines.


You need an electric jet engine for your project? We have the solution.


Engine Sales: Clean-sheet Designs and Retrofits


Our team



Founder - CEO

UAV designer and pilot with an engineering background from UTBM, a renowned French school. Spearheaded the development of innovative solutions at SYLPHAERO.



Engineers, PhDs, and much more!

    We are a team of science and aviation enthusiasts, who believe we can make a difference!
    Additionally, we are mentored by top-notch researchers and CEOS from the ONERA, Starburst, Sustainable Aero Lab, Dassault Systèmes' 3DExperience Lab...

    Tom BERNAT

    Tom BERNAT

    Co-founder - COO

    Industrial and mechanical engineer, graduated from the University of Strasbourg.
    Previously worked at Safran.

    Upcoming: Sylphaero's 90 kW Proof of Concept Turbojet

    Sylphaero’s Proof of Concept : Power-supply test 2024-02-02


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    33700 Mérignac, France