Electric, plasma-based jet engines







Unlike the competition, we do not try to electrify the aircraft's propulsion by replacing jet engines with electromagnetic motors rotating a propeller.

Instead, we electrify jet engines.

  • Our design is a world first. Instead of burning fuel to heat the air inside of the engine, we heat the air at temperatures above 2000°C with electricity only, by generating a plasma.
  • This new type of electric plasma-based jet engine allows electric aircraft to reach supersonic and even hypersonic speeds, which was previously impossible. Existing electromagnetic motors driving propellers or fans are limited to ~1000 km/h, and the current world record is only 623 km/h.
  • Because the storage capacity of batteries is quite limited today, we want our electric plasma-based jet engines to reach an overall efficiency at least as high as today's electromagnetic propulsion standards.
  • Our engines do not release CO2 in the atmosphere. They only create very small amounts of nitrogen oxides (NOx), because Nitrogen & Oxygen are both naturally present in the atmosphere and react together at high temperatures.


Subsonic planes

Subsonic planes

Supersonic planes

Supersonic planes

Hypersonic aircraft

Hypersonic aircraft

Key features

Very high power density

Compared to electromagnetic motors and jet engines.

Very high specific power

Compared to electromagnetic motors and jet engines.

No CO2 emissions

Our engines only heat the air, there is no combustion of any fuel.

Up to 40 000 m

Theoretical maximum altitude for a scramjet.

Up to 25 000 km/h

Theoretical maximum speed for a scramjet.

Improved reliability

Flashbacks and hot-starts are impossible.


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Our team



Founder - CEO

UAV designer and pilot.
Followed an engineer formation at the French school UTBM.
Created SYLPHAERO's innovations.



Engineers, PhDs, and much more!

    We are a team of science and aviation enthusiasts, who believe we can make a difference!
    Additionally, we are mentored by top-notch researchers and CEOS from the ONERA, Starburst, Sustainable Aero Lab, Dassault Systèmes' 3DExperience Lab...

    Tom BERNAT

    Tom BERNAT

    Co-founder - COO

    Industrial and mechanical engineer, graduated from the University of Strasbourg.
    Previously worked at Safran.


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